Dating : I’m a 23 year old male virgin who’s never had a girlfriend. Way more girls/women have told me that I’m “ugly as fuck” than even just average. A VERY small number have told me I’m attractive, but usually I’m lucky if I’m even average…..

Dating : I’m a 23 year old male virgin who’s never had a girlfriend. Way more girls/women have told me that I’m “ugly as fuck” than even just average. A VERY small number have told me I’m attractive, but usually I’m lucky if I’m even average…..

I’ve asked for feedback on various places online, but get met with things like “You belong with the incels.” Or “You must be a “nice guy”.

I don’t think it’s normal for SO MANY, to call me “ugly as fuck” just from seeing what I look like, even if I AM UGLY, I’d expect most people to not be so RUDE ABOUT IT.

I’ve read about incels, usually they are full of hatred and resentment towards women, they are much more than just being “involuntarily celibate”, they’re full of toxicity, I read that they even had a subreddit that was shut down. They’ve actually been acknowledged in the mainstream media! For murder.

I posted a picture of myself on the subreddit rateme, it was a huge mistake, it just confirmed what I thought, I was roasted to ashes, there was one girl who said I was good looking, but she got bullied off of the thread, with remarks like “Looks like you and OP were made for each other.”

They acted like I was a criminal, just for what I look like.

I dealt with this shit in school too. So it’s not just internet trolls or people hiding behind the screen.

I can’t even seem to explain my issue without being told that “my attitude is the problem” when I clearly said that a lot of girls/women call me a ugly as fuck just from what I look like.

Oh, and I “better make a lot of money looking the way I do”.

It’s a long story, but even a girl who had sex for money rejected me.

I self reflected and told myself “I AM NOT UGLY” because while a very small number, some girls/women HAVE told me I’m attractive, or even sexy.

But when I asked why so many call me ugly on Whisper, I was told that I sound like the “nice guys finish last” cliche.

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  1. I mean, a lot of incels are just a bunch of lonely dudes who’ve faced social, romantic, and/or familial rejection their entire lives, so I partially understand why the continuous rejection manifests into hatred for them.

    That said, I don’t think it’s okay for so many women to be so rude about how they perceive your looks, but I don’t know what to tell you beyond that those women obviously just didn’t find you attractive. Women can be particular and picky.

    Why would you stay focused and thinking about the ones who rejected you so harshly, rather than the few who perceived you as attractive?

    Personally, on apps I’m particular about which men I reply to. In real life, I’ve dated men who I perhaps would never have been physically attracted to, because I befriended them and got to know them better over time. Although I didn’t feel immediate attraction, the attraction grew due to who they were as people.

    Perhaps that’s your best bet as well.

  2. Yo what’s up buddy I was looking at your profile and Saw all these depressing posts. So I’m gonna try and answer all of them on this reply.

    Look I got homies who are 24+ that don’t have a license yet, don’t even know how to drive lol. So don’t beat yourself up over that aspect it’s 2019 and we have Uber and Lyft If anything. You have your permit right? Just go for it and try to drive on your own ? Do you have a friend who drives? Beg him to teach you. Don’t have anyone ? Listen I’m not sure what your mental state is but if I was you I’d literally sneak out at night and would try driving my parents whip. They don’t have one? Then you’re gonna have to wait and save up for a used car.

    Now on you getting a job, apply everywhere bro. Especially manufacturing warehouses. Business is booming there’s a lot of demand in that industry and the only requirement is your HS diploma or GED. Trust me bro I’m 22 and have been doing warehouse Jobs since 18. But if retail is what you want then keep applying at stores. It don’t matter you can manifest a job trust me.

    Now on your looks and dating life? DGAF if you’ve been called ugly. Bro I’ve probably seen more ugly dudes with bitches than good looking guys. Obviously looks count but it’s the connection that really matters. If you’re funny that’s a major plus. And honestly bro there’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying for sex. I live close to TJ, so not only have I personally have had sex with TJ hookers but I know a TON of ppl who have too. Theres honestly nothing wrong with that. And if someone thinks it is? Fuck them haha at the end of the day they’re literally no one who matters. Now idk if you’re willing to do that but if you’re not, go for ugly or fat chicks. Trust bro they need dick too and it’s a good way for you to start exploring different relationships and see what you like and don’t. Again looks don’t matter it’s the connection. So go for it trust me you won’t regret it. And you’re gonna feel really good when you land a chick that makes you feel happy.

    I hope this helps you out a lil. And if you don’t even read the whole thing it’s cool too lol but you definitely need to grab your nut sack and man up. Time is ticking bro and the more you waste time the more it’s gonna hurt. I truly hope this helps you and sorry for being a lil rude but you gotta keep it real and honest haha

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