Dating : I’m falling for someone I met once through a dating app and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Dating : I’m falling for someone I met once through a dating app and I don’t know how to feel about it.

He was on a cross-country road trip, so after we went on our date he was back on the road again, a week later he went back home to Colorado. We had the most wonderful night. There was an immediate connection, I unexplainably felt safe with him-which is extremely unusual for me as I have severe trauma from past relationships.

We have been in touch for the 5 months since then, and I love talking to him. I find myself constantly missing him. I am confused, as I have never been in this sort of dynamic with anyone.

I try not to overthink things too much with him and just enjoy the fact that we are still in touch and friends. Although, it is a bit complicated, as he has a sort-of girlfriend. He is currently with his ex, but they are separating in a year (maybe less than that now) when she moves states to go to law school.

I find myself in a difficult position in this dynamic, as he will tell he he misses me, but I almost don’t know if saying it back would be right since he technically has a girlfriend.

Should I be transparent and tell him this? Is he just a player, or could what we have going on be something genuine?

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  1. He has a gf and you should remove yourself from the situation. Would you like it if you were the gf and there was some girl talking to your guy?

  2. Tell him how you feel and then back away from the relationship. If he has strong feelings for you then he will choose you over her. If he doesn’t then he won’t. You’ve known him longer than he’s had this current gf, so be honest and let him know your feelings. If he’s not interested, you need to cut back on your relationship with him so you can find someone else.

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