Dating : I’m scared to start talking to people on dating apps

Dating : I’m scared to start talking to people on dating apps

I’m 24, and I’ve never been on a date before.

I would consider myself a fairly attractive individual. However, before junior year of college, I had extremely low confidence and I was too scared to put myself out there. I also didn’t take care of myself and didn’t look good as I do now. I used to get bullied from k-12 for being ugly

Starting junior year of college, I started having drunk hookups, but never dating. Senior year, I gained a lot weight due to personal problems and lost confidence. I started grad school right after I finished undergrad, lost all the weight, and became more confident.

In grad school, I started talking to someone I knew from undergrad who I had a crush on, but then the pandemic happened and we became friends instead. I then finished grad school in late 2020.

Now that the pandemic is somewhat calming down, I’m deciding to put myself out there on dating apps. I matched with someone I found really attractive, but I can’t help but be terrified. Every time I text him, I get scared and mute the entire tinder app before I work up the courage to text him again 💀

If I’m this terrified on Tinder, I can only imagine what I’d be like on a date. How do y’all work through these anxieties? What do you even talk about on Tinder? How do you flirt? I prefer organicly meeting people, but that is really hard to do now that I’m finished with college and most of my friends are in different cities now

What do you think?

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