Dating : I’m tired of how bitter some men are

Dating : I’m tired of how bitter some men are

I need to vent for a moment.
I (24F) have been on dating apps on and off for years. Also been on Reddit forever.

I am so frustrated going on Reddit and seeing how bitter some men are here.
Just recently went to a post where one of the top comments are about how “all women cheat.” Almost every post has something like this, where men are simply hating on women because they’re alone and bitter. Grouping all women together how were judgmental, terrible at replying, ghost, etc. This is literally in the rules not to do this, yet I see it everywhere.

I’ve been cheated on, multiple times. I have had many men lead me on, lie to me, ghost me. I try to send thoughtful messages and often get no reply. I’m also tired of getting rejected. But you know what? Not all men are like this and not all men are bad.
So if women can accept that there are good guys out there, can men stop filling up dating subreddits about how terrible women are? I’m having a bad time dating too and just because I may have more options doesn’t mean they are quality options who actually treat me with respect, and coming onto a subreddit where an entire gender is hated on this much is ridiculous. If you wouldn’t say it to your sister or daughter, don’t say it to women on the internet. We’re real women too!

Thank you for reading 🙂

What do you think?


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