Dating : I’m too embarrassed to date cause I’m poor

Dating : I’m too embarrassed to date cause I’m poor

I always wanted a partner in life, but my previous experiences have been awful. I kind of gave up, especially last year that I lost part of my income, and so did my mom and now we both live on rent on a small apartment above a store on this weird neighborhood.

Now, even if for a brief moment I see someone who I think is interesting, I immediately recoil. I’m just so ashamed of the place I live, of where I’m in my life right now and I just feel like a burden. I don’t see why anyone would ever be with me. People my age are living on their own in nice parts of town or downtown, and even if they share a space, they achieved a certain style of living which I don’t think I will anytime soon.

I don’t even know if I’m asking for advice. I just needed to vent cause my friends are middle class and don’t really get this/I’m too embarrassed to tell them how I feel.

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  1. I mean when ur talking about love and romance, people shouldn’t care so much about money. Sure u may live somewhere that people don’t like, and that ur struggling with money, but hey ur probably a good person. Enjoyable and interesting.

    Don’t be so ashamed of yourself. If people want to date u, they’ll date u for the person u r. Not the place u live nor money u make.

    And if they don’t, u probably dodged a bullet.

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