Dating : Interesting girl, a secretary. Help me out.

Dating : Interesting girl, a secretary. Help me out.

There’s a stage of the work I do in real estate which involves going to an office to perform a certain task. There’s this secretary who was hired like 2-3 months ago.

I found her cute but left it at that, two-three weeks ago she just went into my mind, there was this problem regarding some process she has part in and the way she handled it, just made me look at her different and I been trying to spark a conversation… Say a couple of jokes and she reacts good, sometimes follows but she’s too busy and I know why.

The problem is how can I ask her without interrupting her, I feel she’s too focused on her work that’s why I hesitate, she’s also naturally like shy but not overly so what tip can you give me? Thanks!!!

What do you think?

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  1. If she is too busy for you – ask her if she got a few minutes after work because you want to ask her something.

    This avoids keeping her off her work and creates a better atmosphere because work already ended (most people are happy around that time ;D)

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