Dating : Is he trying to start talking to me again?

Dating : Is he trying to start talking to me again?

Hello friends! Hope everyone is doing great!! I was wondering if anyone could clue me into *whyyy* this guy might be trying to get back in my life.

**TLDR: was kinda friends with a guy and tried to be more than friends. were talking till he ghosted. 3 weeks later he’s contacting me again via Snapchat (our preferred method of communication). what is up w/ that?**

So I had been friends with this guy for ~ 6 months, pretty casually. We just kinda talked and laughed a lot together but didn’t run in the same friend groups or anything so never really hung out per se. But I thought he was *really* cute (my type to a **T** lol) and got pretty good vibes that he felt similarly, so I slid into his DMs a little over a month ago, and we started talking. Talked all night and then he asked me for my Snap (not my #, I know, but we’re 20F/19M, so I feel like Snap is the norm).

He snapped me instantly, and we basically started a streak. We sent pics (nothing sexual) everyday back and forth numerous times just chatting about food or what we were doing etc., for 2-ish weeks, but then out of **no** where he stopped responding to me (aka ghosting!). I’m pretty independent and don’t need validation from a dude, so I just never sent anything back and let the streak die. Then, pretty much *dead* silence, except that he would watch *EVERY* Snap & Insta story I posted (but I watched his too so what the heck can’t really blame the guy). We ran into each other a couple times IRL, and said hi, smiled, and waved, but nothing too indicative of where the friendship/relationship was (I was pretty over him @ this point).

Fast forward ~ 3 and a half weeks later, I see his name pop up on my screen. I was confused because during that little amount of talking we did, relationships DID come up, and he stated that he was NOT on the market for one because he is the kinda guy who sorta puts things into boxes and wants his career to be ready before anyyy semblance of a GF in his life, which I understand bc we’re on a similar career path w/ similar goals. So anyway, he snapped me a selfie, but with no text or anything. I don’t reallyyyy know what to do, but I snap back a selfie anyway. And to my surprise, like 10 minutes later, he sends another selfie. And I send one back, and this continues on (you get the idea).

I haven’t opened the latest one, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if this was a very lowkey attempt at him coming back into my life (maybe by starting another streak) or just any idea of what he might be trying to do? FWB?


Thanks !! Any insights are appreciated & welcome 🙂

What do you think?

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  1. Both of you are undecided about what y’all want from each other. Now since he isn’t the one asking the question I would suggest you ask yourself which of these two options you are most comfortable with as far as concerns him

    A. FWB
    B. Boyfriend

    Once you have answered that it should be easy for you to move things in that direction.

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