Dating : Is it just me or are 80% of dating profiles these days some variation of « love food, traveling and netflix »?

Dating : Is it just me or are 80% of dating profiles these days some variation of « love food, traveling and netflix »?

Since when are things like eating food hobbies?

Why do people think this somehow makes them appear interesting? Or do they want to appear interesting at all?

I get the feeling dating apps these days are no longer about dating and more about collecting people as an ego boost as well as a time waster when you are bored.

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What do you think?

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  1. « i probably like my dog more than u »

    « sushi and tacos are the way to my heart »

    « looking for travel buddy! »

    yeah, real original profile you have there, becky.

  2. Words/phrases that kill my lady boner:
    – adventure/looking for an adventure buddy
    – travel/world traveller (like ok mate where the fuck else you travelling? You an astronaut?)
    – banter
    – will probably like your dog more than you
    – *height* “because apparently that matters” idc about the height, but that following phrase triggers me

    Thank u, next

    Edit: When I said “idc about the height”, I meant I don’t care if you specify your height. The post is about so many bios being the same. I am not saying height doesn’t matter, I’m saying that the phrase “[height] + because apparently that matters” comes across as unoriginal to me

  3. The one that makes me insane….” just ask”
    This one to me feels like the person was too lazy to write anything or couldn’t think of one interesting thing about themselves. Hard pass.

  4. My instant swipe left is any iteration of “will never love you more than my dog/cat/parakeet”

    It’s great you love your animals but it’s not cute to insinuate if we entered into a relationship I would always come in second to them. Not sure if they think it’s extremely clever but to me it has the opposite effect. No thank you.

  5. It feels like people put so little effort in bio, and way more on which pictures to put out there, and it’s such a shame because that just boosts the feeling of shallowness…

    Also don’t forget the classic combo « If you wanna know more just ask » and « Don’t write to me if you’re only gonna ask how I am/what I am up to », like what am I supposed to say if you don’t write anything about yourself and then proceed to not want basic starter questions? Hon, if you have a basic bio, you get basic questions.

    Edit: forgot some words.

  6. Yeah it definitely is for a lot of people which is why it makes it so tough for those genuinely searching for someone.

    They see such a vast array of seemingly great candidates but get:

    so few matches

    fewer conversations

    fewer interesting/invested ones

    even fewer dates and

    fewer connections for both parties

    It’s this glittery theme park with all these great sparkly prizes but we seem to never win one.

    It becomes exhausting because we feel like we were just rejected by thousands of people when in reality, only a portion of them were even mildly serious about the whole thing in the first place.

    I try not to take it personally, a lot of it is timing and luck if you’re not particularly attractive.

    Good luck!

  7. because « My favorite occupation are playing hundreds of hours of the same thing for a small upgrade, buying books and reading only the 2 first chapters and badly redrawing anime screens » isn’t appealing

  8. You forgot the infamous no hook-ups line but otherwise you’re correct my friend.

    > I get the feeling dating apps these days are no longer about dating and more about collecting people as an ego boost as well as a time waster when you are bored.

    Yeah it sucks, they give you hope; talk to you but once something else comes up…you’re tossed to the proverbial trash.

  9. Where I live in Oregon 90% are “hiking, camping, anything outdoors. My dog is my best friend”. I am an introvert and don’t enjoy nature at all. And I own a cat. It’s not working well for me. Lol

  10. For where I live, every guy is almost precisely the same. Almost no individuality it seems and it makes it difficult to be interested.

    The guy has country/hick roots. Likes hunting, fishing, football, dogs, cars, country music, and beer. Every picture is them with friends holding beer, wearing sunglasses, their cars, dogs, and the fish they caught like they’re comparing dick sizes to the fish or something.

    Many of them want women who are hot but also are interested in all of those things. I’m telling you guys, that’s a unicorn. If she’s into her looks, it’s very very hard to believe she’ll be as big a country boy as you are.

    But yes, essentially everyone wants a travel buddy, netflix and chill, and food.

    Very annoying.

    I’m not saying these qualities are bad in a guy. Just overplayed.

  11. You don’t understand the code lol

    Traveling: take me on cool trips so I can post on my instagram

    Food: take me out too new places so I can post on my instagram

    Netflix: No hookups but you know – if you give me lots of attention or look really hot, maybe we can « chill » (sorry, *cuddle* – forgot it was 2019)

    Good vibes only: first time you do something I don’t like I’ll punish you. Keep it up and you’re out (also phrased ‘thank u, next’)

    I like tacos: I can’t think of anything clever to say but I’ve seen other ppl say this; likely bisexual

    There is a ton more. If you’d like any more decoded, post a comment below.

  12. I guess it’s relatable isn’t it? Doesn’t do much for me personally but I think it’s a good idea not to put too much in your bio because then there’s more to ask questions about

  13. > I get the feeling dating apps these days are no longer about dating and more about collecting people as an ego boost as well as a time waster when you are bored.

    That’s all it is for me.

  14. Omg YES. Sister, you like traveling, exploring new places, and watching Netflix and Korean/Chinese dramas?

    Uh… join the rest of the 95% of the folks back there. It doesn’t say anything about you, just that you’re pretty much difficult for me to relate to, so… I’ll pass.

  15. People don’t make profiles to tell people about themselves and gauge compatibility. People’s profiles are largely telling you how they would like to see themselves. People want to think of themselves as virtuous and interesting, but most people aren’t really that special.

    As a result, you see a lot of the same generic “wit” and interests because these are what the most average person is most easily able to come up with that makes them feel good about themselves.

    A lot of this is just a result of how shallow dating culture is. I think it just becomes very apparent when you have to put it on paper/a profile. People spend a lot of time dating doing all they can to specifically not present their true selves to others. They play games and try to follow these made up rules of attraction in order to reach some success that is meaningless once you really start to get to know eachother anyway.

  16. I wish there was an equivalent to the way I see Reddit compared to Facebook and Twitter. People on here seem to be more well-spoken and more interesting.

  17. I’ve heard a lot of girls say something along the lines of « I need a man who can put me in my place! » Or « I need a man who can keep me in check. » Like wtf does that even look like in real life? You want me to be controlling? Are you not in control of your emotions and actions? Do you want me to shut you up? Are you a child and need guidance?

  18. The only thing less basic than those profiles is posts like this. Boom, roasted. The only thing less basic than those two things is posts like mine pointing it out. Boom, self roasted.

  19. On Tinder, when searching for women, like *90%* is « Love friends, traveling, and having fun » (or some variation). Which is like, no shit. So does everyone else.

    Also, and maybe this is just Houston, but they also all love Tacos so much they have to specify so.

  20. This isn’t new. It’s always been like this. In fact I got shot down a while ago when I pointed out that there was no way all these people travel that much. I have a decent sized group of friends and family and only a small percentage of them do any travelling. Dating sites though have at least a 90% travel rate. Total BS.

  21. Sometimes i’m tempted to message ‘hey, you’re smoking hot, i’d really like to f*ck you. What do you think ?

    PS. I know it’s rude. But you gave me no opportunity to write anything else.’

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