Dating : Is it ok to date multiple women??

Dating : Is it ok to date multiple women??

(19M) just confused, I’m really starting to go out a lot and go on dates a lot more, but there’s nothing wrong with dating one girl while dating the other girl right? I’m really just getting to know these girls. It’s not a relationship, just getting to know each other, right??

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  1. Multiple first dates and stuff sure.

    But not when it’s starting to get serious, unless you tell them upfront. It’s super important everyone is on the same page

  2. Yikes.
    If you’re in it just to bang (where both you and your girl know and agree on it) then probably, but absolutely not if it’s a long-term relationship kind of thing.

  3. Going on dates is NOT the same as dating someone. Dating someone usually=exclusive, monogamous relationship. This happens after going on a couple of dates and you talk about being exclusive. But casually dating without being exclusive to anyone is okay.
    This is why communication matters. You have to very explicitly tell who ever you are seeing if you want to be exclusive, you can’t assume anything.

  4. I have now oportunity to go to other date with other girls but i still waiting second date with this first girl. No kiss nothing with first girl but i feel it is not right to go with other unit i see where will this go.
    I know i dont own someting to her but i feel like i cheat.

  5. No, it’s not okay.

    Multiple first dates are ok. But as soon as you’ve been one a 2nd date with someone, you focus on that person and not date other women. Otherwise you are a bad person.

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