Dating : Is it or is it not better to go to bed angry with your partner?

Dating : Is it or is it not better to go to bed angry with your partner?

I mostly hear that you shouldn’t go to bed angry with your partner. That you should stay up and work out the issues. However, I’ve also heard it’s better to go to bed angry, get some rest, and try to work things out in the morning with a clear head. I just wanted some anecdotal evidence for this age-old controversy. I lean towards the « better to go to bed angry » side, but I don’t have much personal experience.


Edit: just adding more context.

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  1. I think it just depends on the situation. I generally think that it’s better to communicate things with your partner, but I’ve noticed with myself that sometimes I’ll get irrationally annoyed at something. When I know I’m irritate for a stupid reason, I try to keep my distance from my partner and go to sleep. If he asks what’s going on, I’ll explain it to him, but generally in this situation, I wake up feeling much better.

  2. I’ve seen both work for me and my boyfriend. We sometimes stay up and the emotions are higher because of how late it is and how tired we are. But other times, we *need* to stay up and talk it out. It just depends on the emotion of the conversation. If it’s a very serious conversation, we stay up. If it’s petty or small, we let it go and go to sleep. Most of the time, those fights we forget by morning.

  3. Think of going to bed angry as failing to communicate and to forgive. Some things are harder to do that for than others, but the idea is that you’ll try your hardest to do both on the regular so little things don’t become bigger things unnecessarily.

  4. go to bed angry is OK for me, but wake up with less anger and more willingness to talk it out. because honestly, when people are tired of saying the same things over and over, they don’t want to be doing that while missing sleep!

  5. By the time she wakes up, she’ll be done with you, better figure out how to make her happy by the time you go to bed, or you’re going to be looking for a new SO soon.

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