Dating : Is she ghosting me or am I overthinking?

Dating : Is she ghosting me or am I overthinking?

I have been hanging out with this girl for the past 2 to 3 months, mainly during the weekends. The meet ups became more frequent recently after I revealed my feelings to her. Just last Saturday, I gave her a bouquet of roses to celebrate the end of her school exams. We had a simple dinner, and then she suggested to walk around this shopping mall she frequents. Conversation was great, she talked about her childhood, her liking for dolls, her family etc. On our way back, we joked with each other, and before parting ways, she offered to share her Netflix account with me and then texted me to thank me for the flowers. Everything seemed normal, and I texted her good night.

So we were supposed to meet again on Sunday for a run, but she texted last minute that she was feeling unwell and had to cancel the meetup. During that same night, I texted her to check if she felt better. She only replied late next morning that she was still feeling unwell. So I told her to eat something light and the conversation ended there.

We didn’t text again until Tuesday when I sent her some itinerary suggestion for her Wednesday day trip out of town with friend. However, I realised she was still unwell and had canceled the day trip plans as well. So I got worried and asked about her condition and offered to accompany her to see a doctor since we stay near each other. She replied she was fine and gave a blushing smiley emoticon. I am not sure if I had caused awkwardness by being too concerned over her health.

The next day, I texted her to check if she was alright and suggested to have a dinner. Again, no reply and I waited until evening before I formally told her that maybe I arrange another time. She finally replied saying that she didn’t see my texts as she was cleaning her house, then suggested that we meet up next week instead after she recovers and since she will be hosting some overseas friends this weekend. I agreed and told her to let me know the date, and the conversation ended there without any reply.

The puzzling thing is that I feel the spark when we meet, but her delayed texting is killing me, especially since I always see her online and yet she does not respond (we use Facebook messenger). Am I being paranoid here? I am just worried that my flowers sort of scared her off.

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  1. Just give her space and back off for a few days and when she gets in touch with you plan the next date. Don’t focus so much on a “relationship” because in my experience that ruins the fun.

  2. Give her space, this is not ghosting. She is replying but slow, and she’s given you a reason.

    I would give her space until she reaches out to you for those plans she mentioned. If you smother her too much she might get turned off that you might be too clingy or obsessed.

  3. The flowers were a bad move given you aren’t in a relationship with her. As was mentioned, wait until she contacts you, it’s hard but if you don’t you’re a goner.

  4. IMO, you’re overthinking things. Although the flowers may have been to strong of a gesture, she probably was sick and was sleeping it off and relaxing, which may explain why she was texting slowly. She mentioned hanging out next week, which is a good sign. Just give her some space and if she doesn’t text you in a few days you can just check and see if you both are still on to hang out next week. Just take it easy and don’t worry too much. Good luck to you!

  5. Confessing your feelings was a bad move but it seems like things didn’t went as bad as it usually goes. And it also seems like her infrequent texting is caused by legit reasons – you’re just overthinking things because you’re focusing too much on her. Just back off and give her the space, no need to act needy and let her sort things out. When she’s ready, she’ll come to you.



    Bruh, chill out….

    You got way bigger issues than this girl… you need to figure out why you are so needy and desperate for her…. what are you missing in your life. what is the innate feeling you get with her… if it’s a sense of belonging you need to find a better purpose. if it’s love you need to give love to people to love you and want more for you.

    whatever it is… fix that shit cause you are a lunatic and if this girl decides to become Emotionally tied and close to you, it is no doubt you will display an episode of craziness, lunacy, idiocy, and a lack of self control which will put her and yourself in danger

  7. You being too clingy my boy, give her space and do something else with your life too like hangout with the boys or play some video games.

  8. It sounds like you have a bit of anxiety. Nothing you’ve done to this point is wrong. The flowers were an awesome gesture. It can take sometime for someone to bounce back from illness plus catch up on what they couldn’t do. She’s committed to plans next week. In the meantime you can gauge her feelings with some light texts like  » hope you’re having a good day ». It doesn’t require a response and she’ll get back to you when she can. Then you can arrange hard plans for your next date toward the end of the weekend

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