Dating : Is she interested?

Dating : Is she interested?

Ok so I work with a girl that I find attractive. She’s fairly new, just been here a couple months. When we work together we have a blast. It’s like non stop laughter. She will periodically touch my arm, sometimes my back, all the normal clues that I normally would have no trouble interpreting. Where I get mixed up is she’s always telling me about other guys that hit on her but makes fun of them when she does. Also she has an ex from her old town that is constantly messaging her. She always talks down about him to me as well. But today she said he was coming to visit her, that he said he’d pay for everything so she had agreed. So now I’m really stuck. To top it off we’re both going to a concert on the 22nd that was her idea but that happened before the ex thing. Plus the ex is coming after the concert, which was when I had planned on making a move if things went well. Now I don’t know what to think. Advice?

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