Dating : Is there an age to stop dating?

Dating : Is there an age to stop dating?

Okay, I am very new to this so please don’t be mean. I am 39 and I have never had a boyfriend. I am not asked out at all. I am not approached by guys. I have only been kissed 3 times (16, 19, 31). All of the guys I have liked have always rejected me. I have been rejected 18 times and each time it gets harder and harder to keep trying since I get rejected all of the time. My friends have said there nothing wrong with me ( not overweight, college educated, shy, great health, etc.) I am wondering, since GOD works in a mysterious way that GOD did not make any guy for me? I do want to have kids and with my experience being NONE and rejected by all guys, is there a place when you should just stop trying and have kids and go it alone? I have tried online dating and after 2 months, I did not get one guy to like me and any of the guys I express interested in were not interested. Please don’t be mean either!

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  1. How do you dress? Guys need to be visually stimulated, a lot more than females, in my opinion to be attracted to someone. Also, a feminine aura helps a lot too.

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