Dating : Is there hope?

Dating : Is there hope?

Sitting here on a Friday night alone and want to hear some dating success stories! Anyone has a story when they thought that they were going to give up searching? Just need something to keep me holding on guys!

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  1. I was off and on with a guy through college. He passed away in a car accident back in November.

    I actually got into a “no fucks given” mood and downloaded Tinder just for hook ups and free dinners. Until I was traveling in Chicago for work. I was there for only a week and wanted to have some fun.

    I matched with a couple guys that were just weird or annoying or sketchy, until I matched with “J”. We immediately hit it off that for the first time in my life, I gave him my number that day, and we went for ice cream that night. We’ve been dating long distance for 5 months and he is about to move in with me.

    When you know, you know.

  2. I gave up. I met someone. She went psycho and tore my heart out. Now, I’m alone again. Better to keep it that way. My ex made me want to put a bullet in my brain for two months.

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