Dating : Is there such thing as exclusive fwb?

Dating : Is there such thing as exclusive fwb?

I’ve been single for a while and while at times I think I want a relationship.. sometimes I just want someone to hangout with and have sex with lol. Don’t exactly want the complications of a relationship, but I also don’t want to be with someone who’s seeing multiple people if you get what I mean?

Has anyone else been in this type of arrangement? Haha

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What do you think?

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  1. What is it about a relationships that you don’t want? You want someone to have sex with and hang around with. That would seem to be a relationship.

  2. Thing is, if you found out your exclusive FWB was seeing other people, you couldn’t accuse them of cheating because you’re not in a relationship.

  3. FWB is like… supposed to be not exclusive or at least that’s what’s logical. If it’s exclusive then that insinuates a level of commitment and loyalty

  4. Yes, I’ve had it. It’s more out of laziness on both sides. It’s more circumstances of living with a certain male roommate, doing the dirty but continuing on with life as the usual. We’re open to still look, but I’ve had two occurrences where we both went 6+ months of just sleeping with each other. For myself, if I’m having enough sex on a weekly basis I don’t care to look for other people.

    And then another that was casual, where the interest to be exclusive on his side was to not use condoms. I’m on B.C., we got sti tests, and lasted 8 months with that until I moved away. Only had to meet his mom, and that was accidental.

    Ask them. Worst thing that happens is that they say no, and you need to make sure you’re protected.

  5. For sanity sake this is totally a thing. You can be no strings attached with one person so you don’t have to constantly worry about catching anything.

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