Dating : Is this common?

Dating : Is this common?

Girlfriend (25) broke up with me (28) about 6 weeks ago. We were together for four months. I’m doing better and it accept it more now, but there’s one thing I can’t get past.

She broke up with me because she said she was no longer physically attracted to me, and couldn’t build on the relationship without it. She was still emotionally attracted to me and attracted to my personality – she was gutted and crying as she really wanted it to make it work.

I’ve never experienced a break up like that before (probably made worse as she’s the first person I loved). I’ve dated girls that I didn’t initially find attractive, tried a few more dates to see if it would grow. but then sacked it off when it didn’t. I would never ever date someone beyond 4/5 dates if I wasn’t attracted to them. Which is why I’m confused – why did she go four months with me (and met all her friends, family and vice versa)? She said she ‘realised’ she lost it a few days before breaking up, but I doubt that she ever had it.

Is that normal? Have you ever had that happen to you or be the person that initiated the break up because of it? After 4 months you kinda assume it’s a given that your girlfriend is attracted to you, and I think that’s fair to do so!

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  1. Are you really applying rational thinking to a woman behavior? That’s a deadly mistake!

    Women act by « feeling », like for example « feeling attracted ». Women are always attracted to someone, if it’s not about you it’s about someone else…it’s called monkey branching when a girl sticks with a man until she finds a better deal.

    And yes it’s common like asphalt on the streets.

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