Dating : Is this enough of an issue for me to break it off before it even starts?

Dating : Is this enough of an issue for me to break it off before it even starts?

I’m a female (mid 20s) talking to a male (mid 20s) and we’ve been talking for a couple months now. The only reason we haven’t met up is because he’s not from here but has now moved here and it is about time for us to meet. I’ve thought about breaking it off before we even meet because a number of times when talking I’ll respond to something he says and he either twists it and gets snarky about what he thought I meant or I’ll say something like a suggestion or if something is bothering me I’ll politely say something to him but he’ll respond in a way like I’m absolutely crazy or what I said was weird when I’ve said the same normal things to other people I’ve talked to and I don’t get that reaction. And it pisses me off because I’m not the type anymore to just let things go so I confront it and tell him the way he’s responding is not cool because it’s almost like he’s implying that what I say is ridiculous, and then it goes on and on and he doesn’t drop it till I’m bringing up the idea of just not talking anymore. I don’t want to be dramatic but I get the vibe that it might be one of those situations where my gender is used as an excuse to be condescending towards me. If that’s the case then I want no part of this. But as someone on the inside of this situation I’m having a hard time knowing if this is really the issue. I’m open to advice if anyone has thoughts on this.

What do you think?

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