Dating : Is travelling a long way to see your date a trend now?

Dating : Is travelling a long way to see your date a trend now?

I’ve been on a date with three guys the past two months, all when I was travelling somehwere outside of my country (within Central Europe). They all proposed to come visit me in my country, be it driving for 5-6 hours or flying. To me it’s just something I wouldn’t do even if the first date went really well.

I’m just wondering.. do guys really do that? Why? Is it worth travelling that far just to have a second date with someone?

What do you think?


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  1. Well I mean, an hour or two maybe. Yeah that’d be worth it. But outside of country and for that long…debatable.

    As a guy I do find it very difficult to get any type of date, so part of it could be they can’t get one closer too.

    I was in an LDR last and traveled 6 hours for mine because I couldn’t get a date nearby. Wasn’t worth it.

  2. No, it‘s not a norm, I‘d say. Especially when it‘s in the „getting to know each other“ phase.

    When I was still in a relationship, it was LDR, and it‘s like 3-4 hours by regional train (Germany) to and fro every other weekend.

    Was it worth it? Definitely, but we had known each other and already committed to each other by the time I had to move for my job. Otherwise, no I won‘t take it. Heck, more than 1 hour is already something I probably won‘t do during „getting to know“ phase

  3. I would say one hour is the maximum in the getting to know each other phase. More than two hours to have a second date just sounds desperate to me.

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