Dating : Just had the best first date of my life from a guy I met on a dating app

Dating : Just had the best first date of my life from a guy I met on a dating app

I (23F) have always been the biggest skeptic of dating apps. I have never taken them seriously. I occasionally will download all the usual suspects- Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and swipe around for shits and gigs. My sister and I even made a drinking game out of it, and it’s amazing. Well the other day I was waiting in the airport, just goofing around on Hinge, and ended up having an awesome conversation with this guy! We hit it off so well, that we started texting, then talking on the phone. Then we met up yesterday for the best date I’ve ever been on!! I couldn’t believe it! Even with the men I’ve met in person, I’ve never had that great of a first date. I mean, I was not serious AT ALL about using dating apps, but boom, all of a sudden I’m gushing over this guy from Hinge. He’s so sweet and so fucking funny and I’m just so smitten.

We are meeting again next week already. I’m so excited!! Can’t believe my recreational swiping led to meeting this super cool guy. Shit works, guys. Don’t be so closed minded like me, or you might miss out on something great.

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