Dating : Literally every girl I know has a boyfriend

Dating : Literally every girl I know has a boyfriend

Hello guys/girls

I am 22 years old (almost 23) and male. I am currently extremely annoyed by the fact, that every single girl in my day to day life has a boyfriend. I am in my sixth semester of my bachelors degree and every girl in my study program has a boyfriend, I swear I am not exaggerating. How is this even possible?

Now this may sound superficial, but even the one’s, who are really not considered attractive by the majority of guys, have a boyfriend. I had a project team with two girls, who both don’t give a shi* about their appearance and both of them have a boyfriend.

I can’t imagine, how low chances of finding a attractive (at least for me) SINGLE girl are, when even rather unattractive one’s like those two (who are also so shallow and disgusting personality-wise) have a boyfriend. I am just super annoyed and actually surprised because they are 20 to 21 years old and two years ago, none of my high school girls had a boyfriend. It’s like they go to college and have ALWAYS a boyfriend. I don’t ask them out or something like that. But they talk about their boyfriend or have a wallpaper kissing some random guy, so it must be their boyfriend.

Where on earth am I supposed to meet single girls? I tried Tinder, got many matches, but it’s just not my world. I use the bus every morning and I swear, that I am ALWAYS alone, with some 50 years old grannies. I don’t even get the chance, to meet a girl. My whole environment is filled with already taken girls or with women way older than me.
I want a real life encouter and want to approach a girl. I have never done this before because I also think, that they are already in a relationship, when they look decent. I don’t get it, where guys meet their girlfriend. I don’t have friends in this city, so I can’t just go to a club and approach a girl. I would have to go alone, which feels very uncomfortable, at least for me 🙁
Any suggestions, where single girls are or where the chances of finding one are pretty high?
Is anyone else in the same boat like me?

Thanks a lot. I wish you all a nice day and any help is greatly appreciated 😊

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  1. You literally just described my life, only replace the bus with the train. Tinder is unfortunately a necessary evil for me however because my school—not major—SCHOOL was 70/30 male to female when I was in undergrad last year and the few girls there were all taken. Hopefully the story will be different with grad school in the fall but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat worried history will repeat itself.

    I’m not even gonna give you the basic “work on yourself” spiel that’s repeated on here so much. My advice would be to find ways to put yourself in a position to meet single girls in our age range (I’m 22M as well) but this will be difficult depending on how your friend group is.

  2. 27[M] who is currently single. Ladies 😉
    Let me give you a hint man, don’t worry about dating. Instead become friends with the girls you find cool (as into the shit you are into. Talking if you play board games, host board game nights). Chances are you will make some good friends and maybe even meet their single friends. Networking in a sense. Just don’t go forcing it though, you have to let it happen naturally.

  3. just give it some time man. If every girl you know it’s taken try meeting girls you don’t know. If that takes too much effort then just focus on yourself and live your best life. The girl will come. Sometimes when you try to force things it only leads to frustration. I never dated in college. Made lots of female friends and hooked up with some. But it’s all good you know

  4. I’m in literally the same boat. Every guy in my classes and every guy that I meet outside of school is in a relationship. It’s kind of frustrating, cause regardless of how well we’re hitting it off, they always turn out not to be single…

  5. All girls really have to do is be receptive. Not so easy for us guys.

    It may not be « fair », but that’s reality.

    P.S., a lot of the girls I meet have a girlfriend so… there is that.

  6. You may be right. But at this age, most relationships don’t last long. Before you know it, loads of those girls will be single again.

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