Dating : Long distance gf is ignoring my texts .

Dating : Long distance gf is ignoring my texts .

So at the beginning of March, I start talking
to my long distance GF. Lets call her “Tish”. I & Tish haven’t met yet but I was planning on seeing her later this month. I mean, even though we’ve never met
I have grown & developed really deep feelings for this girl, and I could honestly say that I would do anything for her. Since the beginning, Tish made it known she suffers from bipolar disorder and had trouble with EDs in the past. Within the last months of talking she’s hasn’t been in the best mental state and has been hinting about going back to her ED, which I strongly advised against. At first, everything was great but now things have plummeted. She went from being the softest person ever to know being very hostile about everything. The day before yesterday was the first day we went without speaking since March when we first started talking. There wasn’t an argument or anything. Now thinking back we have never had a heated argument. Right now we both have lots of things going on in our lives. Me with my housing situation and her with her mom being in the hospital and her depression, of course. I texted her yesterday afternoon asking if “we were over” meaning if she wanted to stop talking to romantically but she hasn’t responded. I see she’s active on Twitter and Instagram and it makes me sad bc my anxiety is making me think this is all somehow my fault even though there weren’t any altercations. I just don’t understand why she’s avoiding me, our last conversation was normal. This makes me even more anxious because now I don’t even know where we stand. I’m a very insecure and she always reassured me that she still likes me and if she didn’t she would tell me because she’s very upfront with her feelings but if that’s true then why hasn’t she responded? I’m rambling but I just don’t know where to go from here. Should I give her time or just cut off all connect? Am I making the situation all about me, when she could be going through something? I just don’t know.

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  1. I am going to be harsh here and say you need to put this in perspective, this is a woman you have been talking to for 3 months online and haven’t met, she is not your girlfriend. On that basis, her not getting back to you for two days is not the end of the world. Yes it its out of character. Yes it may mean she’s no longer interested. But it just as likely means she dropped her phone in water, or had had a family emergency, or given her mental health diagnosis is in hospital. Sit on it and wait, if its a week, then chances are she’s done, which is sad.

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