Dating : Moving On

Dating : Moving On

I recently broke up with my ex of seven years almost two months ago. Looking back on that relationship, I kept making excuses to why he acted like he was out of high school and didn’t really have ambition for a career. I thought he would change, but of course, he didn’t. We were friends before we started dating, and I know that I wasn’t that physically attracted to him, but loved his friendship and I thought that was enough for a great relationship.

So by the time I finally pulled the trigger, I felt sense of relief wash over me it was incredible. I jumped back into dating, because I’m 27 now and I know what I want in a partner.

I’m currently seeing a guy I met on Tinder and I really like him! He’s a big dork like me and I’m very attracted him. We have our fourth date soon, but when should I bring up that I got out of a serious relationship? Or should I even mention it?

Thank you!

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  1. If it comes up in conversation then that would probably be a good thing to discuss but I don’t think it’s crucial to your relationship.

  2. I just ended a 7 year relationship as well, and downloaded 2 dating apps for the first time this week. It’s great to read you’ve had a positive experience, as I’m totally new to this and it feels a bit overwhelming.

    I’d probably mention the recent split ASAP. But I’m an open book and would rather let them know from the get go.

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