Dating : My crush followed me on instagram but then declined my follow request

Dating : My crush followed me on instagram but then declined my follow request

Pretty much the title. I saw she started following me, so I decided to follow her back ( I wasn’t previously since we mostly just make small talk when we run into each other, though we do have friends in common). Her profile was private so it sent a request. A couple of hours later it changed back to « Follow Back » instead of « Requested ». This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m fully aware it means that she declined the request.


Now I’ve always just accepted they don’t want me following then and moved on. But the fact that she is still currently following me is confusing. I haven’t sent another request and don’t know if I should because I know that’s annoying, and don’t want to be « that guy » you know? I also think confronting people irl about things like not following back/accepting requests is cringe, and can put the other person in an uncomfortable position so I don’t want to do that either. Still, I really like this girl. Ngl I got super happy when I saw she followed me first, but now I’m just confused


Anyway, I know this might all mean nothing and I’m probably over thinking too much. I have had literally zero dating experience my whole life and have no idea what I’m doing, so I decided to try asking here. What do you think happened? Is this actually a normal/common thing? What should I do (if anything)?


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  1. i’m a 19 y.o girl, and this is super weird to me. the only thing i could think of is that she accidentally denied your request because the buttons are kinda close together. if you talk when you see her and you’re friendly, i couldn’t think of another reason, especially because she requested to follow you first. i totally get what you’re saying though, about not wanting to send her another request or bringing it up in person. maybe wait a few days and then send her another request? if she denies it again then you’ll know it was on purpose. that’s honestly all i can think of, hope it works out!

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