Dating : My girlfriend vanished from the face of the Earth

Dating : My girlfriend vanished from the face of the Earth

This one is quite complex. At least I think so. She has Schizophrenia and I realize I haven’t really discussed with her exactly what happens when she becomes totally unavailable. I asked to meet her this weekend. She told me she wanted to but that she was maybe going on a cabin trip with her family.

We left it at that and I went to her city on Friday after she left me on read the day before. Nothing unusual there. She sucks at texting so while I didn’t really expect to hear from her, I sent her a message on Saturday just to make sure she wasn’t in town.

I went out with a friend of mine on Saturday and she told me the girl I was seeing seemed cute (they met two weeks ago). It was a nice night out and I really appreciated that a real person could give me some emotional support and encouraging words like that I should`t sit around and wait for her too much.

Then Sunday came around and she haven’t read my message yet. She seems to be offline in all social media. She doesn’t use social media that much but this time she is just gone.

By 3 days I started to get a little worried as to what is going on. She disappears sometimes when she is with family because it stresses her out and she dont have the energy to be on her phone. Or she may be having an episode.

There is also the possibility that she is actually ghosting me but I find it odd that she would do it now of all times after knowing me for 4 years.

Its been 5 days now. Either she has lost her phone or having an episode. Or she is too anxious to reach out. If and hopefully when she returns from the dead I have to have a really serious talk with her about this.

She cant just leave me in the dark like this. Fortunately this have only happened once before while she was having an episode but I get worried when she goes radio silence for this long.

What do you think?


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