Dating : My girlfriend wants me to meet her friends, should I?

Dating : My girlfriend wants me to meet her friends, should I?

What the question says, we’ve only been together for a week and she says her friends are interested in seeing me. She wants me to meet them by the end of the week, only if I am okay with it. What do I do?

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  1. Meet her friends. Its friends, not mom, youll probably see them alot. Just meet them and dont be awkward or weird. Be normal, as in undetectable.

  2. My boyfriend introduced me to his best friends two days after our first date. I don’t think it’s that weird… Especially if you like the person.

  3. Sounds normal if you are in college or high school. If you are older than this it is not standard but I don’t see the harm in it. Ideally it should be a mixed group as you sitting with half a dozen girls could get awkward for you

  4. Depends on your age really. If its highschool, remember you’ll eventually breakup (high probability) and never have to see these people again.

    If you’re over 21, I’d wait for a while and build something solid. And you can even say that. I want to build a really solid foundation with you before I meet your friends. I’d like to meet them where they’ve heard from you about me more, and had enough time to digest and know my intentions are good etc. is that alright with you?

    Communicate like an adult. And you might get an adult response back.

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