Dating : My online date had a girlfriend.

Dating : My online date had a girlfriend.

Hi guys,

I just want to put it out there that I tend to get attached very easily. A few months ago, I made an account on a dating app just to swipe on people. I wasn’t sure I’d actually meet anyone. Anyway, I ended up matching with this guy and I really started to like him. He actually didn’t respond to me the first week, but I waited and eventually he responded and we started messaging constantly. We hit it off really well and he ended up asking me out.

We were going to meet up but then I found his social media and I saw tons of pictures with the this girl. At first I thought they might have broken up recently, but I found her account and saw that they had very recent pictures together. She also seems very in love with him. I immediately was very upset because my chances of going on my first date got crushed! So I confronted him about it, and he claimed he wasn’t cheating and that it was « complicated. » Keep in mind that they are in a long distance relationship, because he is from the New England area but moved to where I live now, in Northwest USA. From the pictures I see on their social media, it doesn’t look complicated to me!

I ended up telling him that what he was doing was wrong, and ended the conversation there. I even unmatched us. Now it has been months but I am still attached and a little obsessed with him! (not to be creepy, but that is my nature). I have never dated but I feel like my chance with a perfect guy was ruined. (I personally thought he was perfect because he was really sweet and got to know me unlike the other guys on the app) Now I miss talking to him and I can’t stop thinking about a guy I never even met in person.

I wish instead of unmatching us, I was patient and asked him what the situation was like and got more information. Should I DM him and reach out or am I just being super obsessive? I have never dated which is why I think I am so attached. And plus, was he even cheating or what? Why would he be looking for other girls on a dating app when he is committed with someone back home? Sorry, I also just had to vent. He’s so perfect and I can’t get him out of my head. How can I move on? I have tried talking to other guys but they don’t give me the same spark that this specific guy gave me. Once I get attached, I only want THAT person.

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  1. dating up are you? cause doubt you would wait weeks for a reply if the guy was below you.
    as for why he’s doing it, isn’t it obvious? his gf is away so there’s no one to suck him off. and no, he won’t drop her for you, you will only be one night stand or fuck buddy. so move on.

  2. ……………………………….

    The fuck!?

    This dude is in a poly relationship, or is just straight up cheating, and you called him gross for it, and now you want to go BACK to him!?

    I swear to God I need to become a piece of shit guy, cause women fucking LOVE them. I think this is the weekend to go out and treat women like literal pieces of shit, here you go ladies, here’s the cancer you keep asking for!

    You can’t find a guy that likes to get drunk and play fight with you on weekends near by? Maybe a guy who is a bartender and has like 12 girlfriends and is always talking to other girls? I’m sure you can find a drug dealer or something… Surely.

  3. How old are you? Genuinely asking…

    Texting back in forth for a bit without ever having met is not a strong enough reason to be obsessive and this highly attached. You need to move on. He isn’t good news. Just let it go. The attachment fades over time.

    In your message, you said all the reasons why he’s bad. Then you said you’re “obsessed” and want to figure out how to get back in contact. I facepalmed so hard… it immediately shows the lack of respect and self worth you have. I can promise you that whatever his reason is with this girl, it isn’t good. I bet money on it. So again, move on. Good luck to you

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