Dating : One of my favorite bands ruined by an ex??

Dating : One of my favorite bands ruined by an ex??

My ex broke up with me almost a year and a half ago. He introduced me to a band and they have been one of my favorites since. We went and saw them in concert together.
Everytime I listen to them it makes me so sad because I’m not over him yet.
Is it worth trying to listen to it over and over so I’m numb to it or should I cut it out of my life? I love them so much and they’re so good.

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  1. I know how that feels. I am still trying to get over my ex after 7 months and it has been a struggle. Stuff that reminds me of her can be difficult some days. Personally I have realized that I have mental health issues that are both undiagnosed and getting in the way of my life. Don’t listen to music that makes you emotionally uncomfortable and if you are often emotionally uncomfortable for things like hearing a song you might consider talking with a therapist. If you are poor like me but not poor enough to get free healthcare it’s probably better to make sure to focus on physical health things like diet exercise and sleep. I tried to drink whiskey to forget like all the country songs go until my life story started to have a banjo twang to it. Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt and don’t make choices that make you feel sad or use drugs or alcohol to drown the pain

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