Dating : Online dating tips for short guys

Dating : Online dating tips for short guys

Ive decided to go back to trying online dating sites since my other methods have not worked. Meeting in person and in clubs have not resulted in anything useful. I cannot decide which website would be the best for a 5 foot tall guy. Should I join the sites that require payment for membership or are

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  1. dont waste your money on paying for membership. ive had as much success on free ones as the paid ones. if your intend to go the OLD route, sign up for as many apps/sites as you can to increase your chances. but keep in mind its hit or miss with dating apps in general.

  2. 5’3 male on Tinder. On week 3 and have gotten about 8 matches. No dates yet but judging from my interactions so far it’s only really a matter of time and if I’m really feeling a connection. I wouldn’t recommend getting a membership, I’d say it’s all about your pics/profile and especially how you own your height.

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