Dating : Overthinking?

Dating : Overthinking?

I (26F) ran into someone who I had a fling with in December. We had great chemistry but it fizzled out due to me honestly living my best life and not wanting to be tied down. We only made out a couple times and went to a few events but I definitely liked him and would say he liked me back. Anyways, I’m December I said hi and in January he DM’d me via my Instagram story telling me I’m beautiful and how he’s very attracted to me. In February we go to this dog festival where there are a ton of vendors and dogs to adopt after he sees I post it on Instagram that I’m going. He doesn’t have a dog, but he brings some of his fiends who do and I come with my friends and mom (who was interested in adopting.) We meet up he buys me a drink we chit chat all is going well. He asked me to play corn whole with him and due to my low self esteem I said no. From December to February I had gained about 15 lbs and I just wasn’t happy with myself. (Ive since lost 20 lbs from calorie counting and working out so holla haven’t been this fit since 23!)

Fast forward nothing transpires from the February dog charity festival. A few texts here and there that’s it. I should say I’m still in school studying industrial engineering and he’s an electrician who I believe is a partner in his company and he always seems busy!

Recently, he added me on snapchat and is always very quick to watch when I post. We happened to go to elementary together and he posted a pic of our 3rd grade class and literally NO JOKE covered almost everyone’s faces up with wording but my face and his face. He made a joke about being a schemer in the post. I messaged him saying lol we were so young! And he replies back at 3 am saying a very vulgar thing about me that kind of turns me on but my response as a coy “lol what??”

Should I ask him to get a drink with me on Friday (which is what I want to do but I’m scared of rejection) or do I just let this chemistry fizzle???

What do you think?


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  1. Sounds like a clear yes, unless you’re content with letting it fade over not acting. Sounds like good memories!
    Good luck on your studies, I also majored in IE!

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