Dating : Plz help a girl out!:(

Dating : Plz help a girl out!:(

I’m a 21 year old girl. I’ve never dated any guy before. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that I think its because of my height. I’m only 5ft tall and I’m a bit insecure about it :'( plz can you reply with your opinion that is my height too short or a turn off for guys? Plz reply. Thankyou.

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  1. My last girlfriend was 5 foot two, the closest I’ve dated to my height was like 5 foot 7. For me and any guy I know height only matters if your a midget or taller than them. I can pretty much guarantee your issue is not putting yourself out there enough. Or your morbidly obese, but even then there’s guys into that.

  2. It sounds like you have to open up your personality a little bit. Remember that everyone isn’t compatible. I tend to like girls that are nice, but do not mind speaking their mind sometimes. Or takes a shot at me evidently. Lol this weekend I met someone and we were talking about music. I said I saw 2 of the bands we were listening to live. She smacked me. I smiled and said « I let you hit me » lol. Point is work with whatever personality traits you have.

    Being open about opinions with a natural conversation flow makes people like you. Your attraction goes higher for anyone.

  3. Most men don’t care about height they care about you being proportional for your height. I’ve always preferred short girls cause I’m only 6 foot and it makes me feel like a giant.

  4. I once dated a girl that was 4’11 and I am 6’2. Height difference didn’t matter at all.

    Went out to eat and always had to get her a high chair. Or when when we went to the amusement park and she always had to sit on the bench because she didn’t meet the height requirements for any of the rides. Just kidding. It didn’t matter all that much.

    Hope you find the perfect match for you.

  5. I feel the same exact way. I’m 4’10 & under 100lb. I’m pretty insecure about my height too! I feel like sometimes people don’t take me seriously because of my height and it really takes a toll on my confidence.

    I will say I have dated guys that were way above 6ft and they didn’t seem to mind the height difference. They all thought how tiny I am was cute and endearing. Don’t beat yourself up over something you can’t change. Someone will like you for who you are and not what you look like!

  6. I’m over 6ft tall and according to my friends very intimidating at first. I am still single and never dated and I’m 22…sad…and sometimes I worry that girls are intimidated by my stature. Especially petite girls, and because of that I often(almost always) hesitate to ask for a date. I’d say be confident about your height (like every other cliche confidence booster). If you have someone who you like and they aren’t getting the message go and ask them otherwise you could go on and never even know. Good luck wish you the best:)

  7. Don’t 5ft is a good height for me at least, if I was single. I’d feel pretty tall around you, an 8 inch difference is a lot but not too much. Would 5’ 8 be a good height from your perspective?

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