Dating : Potentially just got stood up.

Dating : Potentially just got stood up.

Long story short, we met on Badoo. I asked this girl on a date for coffee at 6pm ET.

I had just got out of school for today and I was in hellish traffic traveling down South to Miami.

I got gas after arriving, went into the coffee shop and she’s not there…

Now I’ve been waiting for almost 45 minutes.

For some reason I have a feeling that this is my fault since she was in line an hour ago…

Should I have notified her that I was coming an hour in advance or something?

I need to know. Please be civil when commenting.

What do you think?


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  1. It happens to the best of us. No biggee.

    Just be happy that you found out how cowardly they are before anything serious happened.

    Drive around the wreck and head down the road.

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