Dating : Seeing my Co-worker in secrecy

Dating : Seeing my Co-worker in secrecy

it’s talk to text sorry for lack of punctuation

I don’t know if it’s love or lust, but I think about her all the time . when I’m next to her it’s a Fatal Attraction. Every time we meet our conversations just flow and time flies by until someone calls for her……we’ve had so many conversations and half the time, I just like looking at her and listening to her talk about things.

I love holding her. I love holding her hands. I love kissing her on the forehead. I love being next to her. I can’t be too forthcoming but she can feel my energy we’re going to see each other again Sunday night… it’s hard for me to wait that long but due to my duties at work and her own life that is the next option. I can’t wait to see her I don’t know if it’s lust, cuz it’s more than the physical. I don’t want to just stick it in her although that desire is there.

that’s not the strongest driving force of energy. just being next to her ; listening to her, her listening to me. her being interested in my life. what I got going on-my dreams, her encouraging me as a real support person, but also me understanding she has her own obligations as do i…but when I see her and when she sees me we lock eyes and smile with a vibe that only the heavens would know. she’s a beautiful woman in and out and I’m thankful she’s around for now

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  1. this is the cutest thing I’ve read in a while! I think that’s so sweet. Is it an issue that you guys have to see each other in secrecy? Does your workplace discourage workplace romance?

    If you really think she’s the one then go for her! I don’t think that work should be a boundary.

    This post reminds me of a time I had a huge crush on a coworker haha. Sadly it didn’t work out though.

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