Dating : Seeming distant after having fun together?(19f)(19m)

Dating : Seeming distant after having fun together?(19f)(19m)

Hi all!

Recently I started talking to an old friend I’ve know for about 3 ish years, he initiated contact with me by complimenting a photo of myself I had posted. We started talking, flirting and then a few days later hung out.

We were intimate when we hung out but also just had a ton of fun laughing together, playing Nintendo games and being affectionate. I spent the night and when I was leaving the next morning he kissed me when we woke up and right before I left.

The issue is he seems a bit distant now, we’re still talking but not nearly as much as we were previously. Before we were intimate I told him I didnt want to just hook up and he agreed, also throughout the night kept talking about how he didnt wanna embarrass himself because he thought I was so cool and cute. We have plans to hang out again when i get back from my trip but I’m just anxious that maybe he isnt into me? I’m trying to be rational as possible about it, considering he is a hard worker and he also might not want to come off as clingy because he had mentioned being afraid he was when we were hanging out. Am I overthinking things or is my gut feeling about him not being into me correct?

TLDR: Had lots of fun together with someone I liked, unsure if I’m reading too much into their behavior or if they’re not actually into me.

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  1. Pretty simple, just wait for the plans to come around, have more fun, if he’s being engaged in person, then he probably just isn’t much of a texter, just save it for dates.

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