Dating : She went on a date with another guy?

Dating : She went on a date with another guy?

I’ll try to make this as brief as possible. I met this girl on tinder who I had met before at the student housing complex I used to live at (I go to university). We hit it off went on a few dates and shes hung out at my place a few times and spent the night once. That night we didn’t have sex(was very close but said she wanted to wait which I respected). She told how she remembered me from the student housing complex and thought I was super cute and tried hitting on me but I never felt it(I had a gf at the time). Anyway she text me the next night saying (tbh Im gonna miss sleeping next to you). THAT NEXT DAY on her snap she’s at the movie with another guy in the theater with her leg on the guy. She texts me the next day acting like I wouldn’t see it and I was pretty cold(short texts no emojis). I dont reply to her text at 4pm then at 1am she texts me saying « I miss you and poncho » (my dog). I reply like an as*hole in the am saying yeah he misses you etc and she just ends up reacting the the texts and not replying.

My question is do I call her out and say that I was being a d*ck cause it looked like you were on a date the othernight, wait for her to reach out again or just drop her. I really liked her and thought I’d end up dating her before this happened. If I’m just being a total p*ssy tell me, I got my heartbroken like 4 months ago after a 2 year relationship so that definitely messed me up emotionally.

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  1. Did you agree not to date other people? I would have a conversation with her about what you want and how you feel and be open and honest and see what she says. Silly to just drop her without that.

    Sounds like you really like her, so don’t mess it up over what might be a misunderstanding.

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