Dating : Should I date someone I don’t find sexually attractive

Dating : Should I date someone I don’t find sexually attractive

I work with this girl and so far I like everything about her she’s just not my body type. I want to try going on a date and see how it goes I just don’t want to be a dick and get her interested just to break it off if there is no chemistry

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  1. That sounds good man! Go for a date. If you enjoy spending time with her and have fun. It might be a little bit more important as she beeing sexually attractive.


    And I don’t know how old you are, or how old she is. But a lot of people start looking better as far they get older.

  2. Are you into one *very specific* body type, or is she like unheathily overweight?

    Tough to tell from this is you’re really picky or she’s outside most people’s preferences. Either way, if you’re not attracted, I’d hedge towards not leading her on.

  3. I would say no in this case. Since you work together that means you have met her plenty of times so you know whether or not you are attracted to her. If you were doing online then I think it would be worth meeting up in person as you can’t always tell what a person looks like from their photos

  4. Just go out with her you weird loser, people go on dates with people they’re unattracted to all the time for an easy lay. This sub, I swear…

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