Dating : Should I double text or call this girl?

Dating : Should I double text or call this girl?

So there’s this girl who was a former co-worker at my old job, before I left. On my last day we pretty much talk, worked, laughed, etc. At one point she even mentioned I was pretty cute. Towards the last few minutes I asked for hee number, so that we can keep in contact. We exchange numbers and she texted mine first right after. Just to make sure it was the right number. After that we both left and said goodbye. 4 days later I texted hey back since I was busy all this week. I said « hey how are things (their name) » But it’s been 2 days and I got no reply. Did I mess up? I know she could be busy, not interested, forgot to reply, etc. But I’m wondering if I should send another text just to make sure? I don’t want to come off as needy/clinging, so I’m gonna wait 1 more day. I’m just not sure what to text or do.

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  1. 1) You took too long to text her. Busy or not, waiting 4 days was probably a bad idea. If I gave someone my number and they waited that long I’d probably assume they weren’t actually interested.

    2) Never double text in situations like this. Just don’t. Cut your losses. If she wants to talk to you she will reach out. You have nothing at all to gain by sending her another text, even if it’s just to apologize and/or explain.

  2. I don’t know why people (especially younger ones) treat double texting as a taboo. Life is too short to be worrying about something as small as that. Do it if you want. It won’t make you look needy or anything. Only if you text like 10 times within 30 minutes or something. Plus it would shown you are somewhat interested in her. If she doesn’t text back after that, then you have your answer.

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