Dating : Single but not using online dating?

Dating : Single but not using online dating?

Upvote if you’re single, open to the possibility of dating, but not using online dating apps. Would love to know the stats

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  1. Aye. For me the apps are a massive time suck with so few successes. I meet way more women just by forcing myself to be more confident and social at in-person settings.

  2. Im single, though I don’t know if I am open to the possibility of dating. I am super satisfied being single tbh. No in-laws, no self-esteem issues, no children I have to take in account. It’s just super chill imo.

  3. Have had really no luck with online dating myself, so I’ve backed off it for a while. There’s too many people looking for hook ups/sex and not much else unfortunately.

  4. I don’t like being window shopped, so I will meet people through friends or in person. I feel you don’t let people down so much or vice versa. Nothing wrong being friends first.

  5. I tried online dating and it just didn’t work for me

    A percentage of guys want just hook-ups (which is fine they can do what they want)

    A percentage are expecting you to sit by while they go through divorces deciding if they want to be with their wife or not

    A percentage just want to play you

    A percentage are actually decent but I haven’t seen those guys or they just aren’t interested in me (again this is fine no butthurt feeling here everyone is entitled to opinions on others)

    I just don’t think online or any kind of dating is for me, i’v been single 7 years and it’s not killed me so far.

  6. I’m exactly like that.

    I’m 27 and never had a girlfriend. At this point in my life I definitely feel a bit lonely and want to have someone special to share some moments in life. However, I have a pretty small circle of friends and my work takes a lot of my energy and most of my time. At the same time I’m not sure I want use any dating apps cause I believe that the best way would be natural progression of relationships and because it’s not the first time I hear apps like Tinder lead to mostly short term relationships.

    Don’t know what to do honestly.

  7. I’m 21, no girlfriend yet. I’m hoping to get one by the time I graduate college and enter the “real world” full-time. If I don’t, then I’ll have to start using dating apps to meet people, and that sounds annoying as hell.

  8. Too many married guys or guys in a committed relationship looking for a little strange on the side.

    Hell, even job hunting is a chore because of this.

    Also, what the heck is up with all these guys looking for a dominatrix?

  9. Absolutely! After meeting a sex offender on an online dating site, I decided no more. That was the last straw. I have so many interests, I’m bound to meet someone while I’m exploring those interests.

  10. Single most of my adult life. Occasional dates, but no serious, committed long-term relationships. I just haven’t made it a priority. I think society downplays non-romantic relationships as a source of connection and love. And over-sells romantic relationships as one single path to…. idk? Happiness? I don’t want children and live in middle.america where men don’t see the point of dating if you don’t want to get married and have kids. And of those men a HUGE portion want a wife to raise their kids, take care of the house, cook and clean, etc. NONE of that interests me.

    I’m looking for a partner to travel with, try new restaurants, laugh, help each other out, and of course, sex. I don’t need saved, don’t need a breadwinner, don’t need protected. I just want someone to BE with. But that is strangely hard to find.

    But I would rather be alone than settle for one of « the other guys. » I also find the older I get, many men have trust or intimacy issues stemming from past relationships they aren’t willing to deal with because toxic masculinity and counseling is for « other people. » Instead they drink too much, smoke pot all the time, or otherwise have anger or paranoia issues. Pass on all of that.

    If I find someone, great. If not, I have lots of friends and a vibrator.

  11. i literally just deleted mine hopefully for good. i’ve done it before but it feels different this time. i just keep having the exact same thing happen to me and keep meeting the exact same kind of guy; i’m never not disappointed. i was just continually opting into a futile, painful, stressful situation. i kept telling myself that if other people could find actual BFs through apps, something was seriously wrong with me if i couldn’t. idk. maybe i’m attracted to the wrong kind of guy (the attractive kind?). maybe there is something wrong with me. i also am very defensive and guarded and have a very sensitive bullshit meter so no one gets past it anymore. this is all to say now i truly, firmly believe nothing good could or will ever come from an app, for ME. seriously it’s just been terrible over and over and over. i’m done. it sucks because i very much want companionship and intimacy but i think quality is worth waiting for. i can’t even get a consistent fwb (and i’d catch feelings anyway tbh). so yeah i’ll be waiting a long time but i think it’s best for me.

  12. Have been single for the last 4 months (after a 4 year relationship) I’ve been on dates with 3 girls in the last few months, all of them I met in person. I’m saying that I’ve been on more dates than tinder or bumble would have ever gotten me. My friend is the complete opposite of me, and only gets dates through the apps. I’ve never seen a person succeed in both

  13. (25F) so all of my dating experience has been through apps, my last two relationships were from Tinder and Bumble. Funnily enough both relationships ended because they felt like they had rushed into it and believed that because we met via an app instead of being friends first we couldn’t get to know each other properly. I was crushed by this as initially I gained a lot of confidence from online dating (although in hindsight my online dating success was piss poor in comparison to my friends and what ‘most girls’ experience).

    Now I live in Britain and people are extremely conservative and disingenuous when it comes to dating (at least, this is my personal and individual experience as well as second hand accounts from friends and family members). It’s all about who can play it cool, who can be the most mysterious and difficult to crack. Then there’s the fact that nobody talks to each other at bars and only travel in their groups, you’re either insane or creepy if you try and approach people in public. Nobody wants to be the first to say, “I like you” or even at all because they don’t want to “put pressure” on anybody whilst getting themselves hurt and it’s extremely rare that people are honest after a first date if they don’t feel a spark, most people lie through their teeth about wanting a second date and ghost. Ghosting is extraordinarily and tragically common. This is honest to God fatiguing and off-putting. This happens both online and offline. If you have a differing opinion or experience please do share, like I said this is just my own individual take on it.

    Recently I went to the West Coast and actually went on dates and found the dating scene so much more refreshing. People were very easy going and upfront with each other and not adverse to approaching new people. Getting to know new people was a breeze and so much fun. This was my first time flirting with men offline and going on dates. I surprised myself at how easy it was and how West Coast people make it clear that they’re attracted to you. There was no need for second guessing or doubting myself that I’ve mixed up all the signs. This never ever happens back in Britain. It was almost jarring for me (and probably the biggest culture shock) to experience such upfront attraction and flirting.

    Another thing I noticed was that I am attracted to a wider variety of guys offline than I am online. A lot more info is readily available to us online (particularly on Hinge where you can see a guy’s job title, educational BG, religious beliefs and so much more) for us to sift through and narrow down. As well as this, when you meet online you don’t get a more wholesome and nuanced impression of the guy (their voice, their gait, posture, how they gesticulate when talking etc) so you pick according to a smaller selection of factors so you’re way pickier online. At least I certainly am!

    I’ve given up on dating at home in the UK, it’s clearly somewhere I don’t fit in and can’t read men (or even the people at my workplace for non-dating purposes) to save my life. The dating scene both online and offline makes me want to punch myself in the throat. But I’m keen for more offline dating as soon as I return to the West Coast.

  14. I am single and was using online dating for a number of years. However I do not find that online dating is a good breeding ground for me to actually find someone I am attracted to. So 6 years of dating apps and 0 relationships as a result of them. I have found that I am solely attracted to people that I met organically IRL. I can be attracted to the idea of someone I met online and they can totally be that person IRL but it feels to forced and thus fake for me to actually manifest attraction. Idk if anyone else has had that issue or just me.

  15. Never been in a relationship and dont use online dating platforms. Figured id live my life and not force anything. Met a girl recently and were clicking so fingers crossed!

  16. I’m single and not on the apps. I am pretty out and about and I get approached by guys often enough.

    It’s just fun meeting someone in real life. I almost enjoy the initial awkwardness and catching a vibe with someone IRL. It does suck when someone is so clearly not your type (way older, etc.) and you have to nope out of giving your number.

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