Dating : Sleep and Relationships

Dating : Sleep and Relationships

Is your partner allowed to get mad if you sleep under circumstances that he/she doesn’t approve of (not talking during the day, being mad, etc.) given that you live in different houses?

I’m leaving it extremely open ended but I’d like to see your opinion on your partner being mad at you at that time (1) and you having duties the next day (2).

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What do you think?

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  1. You need to talk to her about what makes her happy and secure in a relationship. Does she require a phone call every day? Texting level? Can you easily do that?

    She’s not complaining about your sleeping, she complaining about the level of communication you have, which you neglect, and thus leave things unfinished by bedtime.

    You can also talk about what you need. If there’s a conversation you know you can’t finish before bed, tell her you’re getting tired, you have responsibilities tomorrow, but can you pick this up tomorrow, because you really do what to find a solution to the issue.

    If she doesn’t appreciate or step up as you step up, she’s not emotionally mature. Most likely she’ll be stunned and feel like her feelings and emotions are being heard and cared for.

  2. High maintenance people need a lot of texts and communications each day. If they are being needy early one that’s your warning sign. If you aren’t into it then it will be a struggle going forwards

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