Dating : Slept with ex and girlfriend doesn’t know

Dating : Slept with ex and girlfriend doesn’t know

I am currently staying with someone who I am planning to break up with, I’m leaving London in two or three months and she knows this, she wants us to continue dating once I’ve moved but I am trying to find a way to bring up the fact that I want us to break up.

I recently slept with my ex-wife when we took our son on holiday (neither one of us have mentioned it since), we haven’t done that since 2012.

1. How do I tell the current girl that I want us to end things
2. Should I ask my ex if she wants to get back together or can I ask her if she’s interested in a FWB


We are both moving to the same city I’m going to move into a house with her although I’ll have my own room.

The situation is stressing me out and I’d want to be single asap.

What do you think?


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  1. Wait wut!?

    A. DO NOT move in with your ex…
    B. Go home today, sit down and tell the girl who actually thinks you’re not a POS, that you are in fact, a POS. Pray she isn’t typical and actually has enough self respect to leave.

    C. Stop cheating on people, break up with them when you are done.

  2. 1. « Us being together won’t work. I’m sorry »
    2. That’s up to you.. I have no idea how anyone here can make that call for you.

    Also, I assume you know that what you did was wrong.. Right?

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