Dating : So I don’t know what happened ?

Dating : So I don’t know what happened ?

Last week on Thursday I met someone who I thought was really amazing online on an app , right off from the start he was making me laugh and smile, he started texting me constantly and if I lagged in between text messages he would text to see if everything was ok. Soon texting graduated to phone calls every night , we would be in the phone for a hours just talking about life , what we’ve been going through, our lives, we both just got over LTRs mines was 5 years his was 8 years . He had even told me that he liked me and knew it was to soon to ask but he wanted to travel together. As the week went in we agree to meet in person in Sunday if last week we were born really exited to see each other and planned a to go to the beach and drink some wine… he also said the he wanted to gain my trust and was going to do something to prove it … Sunday came around we walked around the beach talked about everything got something to eat and then headed back towards where I live .. when we got to where I live we decided to spend even more time together and takes about our paranormal experiences and even more if our life experiences .. I really felt that we connected in a really close level .. i has even told him that it’s been a whole since I’ve smiled genuinely and he said he felt the same. At the end of the night one thing led to another and we ended up going to the park and having sex. It was not planned in any way whatsoever .. I enjoyed it he enjoyed it and he even said that he wanted to hang out at least once a week. After we again walked back to the train station where he hugged me really tight twice and told me we would hang out on Saturday or Sunday if this week and then went out separate was. At this point we had hung out for over 10 hours and it was close to 4 in the morning. Come Monday if this week he seldomley texted me … so I texted him saying I had a good time and enjoyed his company. He said the same and said he would call me the next day , Tuesday rolled around I kinda panicked since it went herd him and texted him say I was hurt since I felt he was distancing himself since he wasn’t being as a-tentative as he was before I met him . He ended up calling me around midnight on Tuesday night we talked a little over 1/2 hour and says that I was panicking got no reason and he didn’t want me to be hurt. He then says he had to go to sleep and that he would call me Wednesday. On Wednesday he never called I texted saying hay and he never responded. Thursday nothing from him either … it is now Saturday and I’ve gotten not a single phone call or text , we had agreed to meet up Saturday or Sunday but more than likely Sunday . I don’t know what could have happened, my question is what should I do at this point should I text him one final time to confirm if I’m hanging out in Sunday or about I drop it what do you guys thinks? I’m honestly heartbroken. I felt I really connected to this man and really was looking forward to seeing him again. What can I do as a last resort to at least get an explanation. At this point I feel hurt and used. In one of his last text messages he had said that he didn’t want either of us to catch feelings because he didn’t want either of us to get hurt .
TL;DR: met someone I thought was awesome,ended up doing the dirty, agreed to hang out once a week starting this Sunday and now he has not called texted or responded to anything.

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  1. Seems like he’s playing you. I’m sorry you’re going through this but understand that none of this is your fault in terms of him ghosting you.

    Unfortunately, he owes you nothing – not even an explanation.
    If I were in your shoes I would not message him, do you best to move on xx

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