Dating : So scared of touch

Dating : So scared of touch

Heya! First of, sorry for formatting bla bla, am on mobile bla bla, let’s get started.

I’m still pretty young, so nothing too hard here.
Like the title says, i am really scared of touch, any kind. I have a boyfriend, we have been together for 1 1/2 months now and he is reeeeeally great!
But he is a bit more touchy than i ever was, with that i mean, hugging whenever we say goodbye, sometimes wrapping his arm around me and pretty normal stuff for teens.
I can’t say i don’t like it, it’s just so new and scary for me and while the other teens are kissing and making out, even having sex, i am really scared of even the thought of our lips touching.

About 7 months ago, my ex broke up with me, and we were together for nearly 2 years. I think i hugged him once, because my friend shoved us together. We even kissed, but it was awkward because i started laughing. So not much experience from that guy.

So i never was a hugger, always stayed on a distance, and when my current bf wanted to hug me, i got so scared i think i went even whiter than i usually am.
I don’t think he is gross, not at all, but i think that other people think that I’m gross, i don’t know why, and that’s the reason i don’t get too close.

So people, how do i get rid of this constant fear?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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