Dating : Talking to her after she didn’t reply to texts

Dating : Talking to her after she didn’t reply to texts

This happened 3-4 months ago, I used to see a girl around in the uni. One day I just went up to her and started talking. I got her socials and texted her but she didn’t reply. Later I got to know she is quite timid and somewhat anxious. But whenever I would be around her she would keep looking at me and in the gym try to workout closer to me. I wanna give it another chance and talk to her in person. Could someone please give me some advice on what should I say apart from Hi, how are you?

What do you think?


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  1. Hey OP coming from the last post, my advice still stands, talk to her and ask. If she rejects or doesn’t really seem into it, that’s fine! She’s a girl from uni in the end, and you can definitely move on and find someone else

  2. Err… That’s probably the easiest solution

    >Hi, I’ve seen you around uni. I was thinking of going to x, would you like to tag along?

    Don’t bring up her not replying. That puts her in a position (feeling the need to explain or feel bad about not getting back in contact)

    Or you could see if she has listed any hobbies online and replace x with one of them. It’d come down to how socially awkward she is, that could be too upfront but given the situation you’ve got whatever you’ve got going on now, or trying to include her in an activity. Which could be just going to the library

  3. Maybe crack a joke or one liner or pretend it’s the first time you met and use a cheesy chat up line or dad joke (always worked for me to kill the tension or break the ice) or ask if she needs a spotter at the gym as you said she looks like she moves closer to you to workout??

  4. You guys are delusional, you think a girl didn’t respond to « hey whats up, it’s (name) » because she is « timid and somewhat anxious », smh. If she gave you her socials she is perfectly capable of responding to a greeting on social media. Yall just need to accept she is NOT interested and move on, she looks at you in the gym because she’s thinking « omg it’s that dude that i ghosted, awkward », she works out near you because shes thinking « i need to use this equipment, i hope that guy doesnt talk to me ».


    I mean get a grip on reality, she is not interested, she ghosted you, move on sucka.

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