Dating : Telling dates about Genital Herpes

Dating : Telling dates about Genital Herpes

I have had genital herpes for a few years Now, and in past relationships when I was younger I have made the mistake of telling people too late… Which i really dont want to do again and realised how shitty it was for me to do that

But i was just wondering when the best time to tell someone is, obviously before any sexual contact, but if I’ve been speaking to a guy for a couple of weeks(not actually went on a date with him yet) should i tell him now, or should I wait till I see him in person and bring it up then?

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  1. I don’t have Herpes but if I was talking to someone that did….. I would hope they tell me as soon as possible…. not everyone is willing to accept that. Don’t wait until feelings get deeper

  2. I have dated two women with it. One told me up front and we were responsible about protection, her medication, no sex if she even suspected an outbreak, etc. No problems. One, however, lied a lit and I only found out she had it after we broke up. I panicked and got tested. No herpes but I will never forgive her, even as I would have accepted her if we could have been smart about it all.

  3. You should tell them right away. The piece of shit that gave me ghsv1 waited until after physical contact had been made to tell me. We had the std talk beforehand and everything. She didn’t feel oral herpes counted as a std. IT DOES.

  4. So, that’s a bomb, like a legit fucking bomb… That’s one of those you’re gonna have to come right out with, cause otherwise you’re gonna frustrate and lead on a lot of guys.

    The odds of passing it to a guy using a condom is only 4% but it’s still very much a turn off, it’s like having a face covered in really really bad acne all the time.

    IMO, you should look for guys who already have it, join a support group maybe? Then, you don’t have to worry about passing it etc.

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