Dating : Things were going really well between a woman [29F] and I [24M] then she just told me to tell her when I get back from vacation

Dating : Things were going really well between a woman [29F] and I [24M] then she just told me to tell her when I get back from vacation

This isn’t really a looking for advice post. Just kind of confused and trying to put it down into words.

So I met a woman about a month or month and a half ago, and we’ve been dating since. We haven’t defined anything and have just been kind of letting things take their course.

Things had been going really well. We have killer chemistry; the sex is explosive; we just kind of click. She and I initiate plans on a pretty equal basis, and we both initiate sex a couple times every time we hang out. We actually just started a joke where our code for sex is “can I borrow you for 20-25 minutes?”

I left for the beach for 10 days this morning, and we were briefly texting about morning sex when she texted me saying that she felt I seemed annoyed that there was some confusion about when we’d be hanging out the night before, and she didn’t think that was fair because I didn’t tell her I’d be leaving for 10 days. I don’t remember coming off annoyed, but I can be short sometimes without realizing, so I apologized for that, but we definitely did talk about me going to the beach, and I mentioned it in passing a few more times.

She didn’t really respond to that and just said that she means it in the nicest way possible, but she’d like me to just have my vacation and text her when I get back. She said she was confused about what is happening, not with me specifically, but with everything; she doesn’t even really remember what she did this morning or the day before. She said she hopes she’ll have her head on straight when I get back. I’m inclined to take her at face value because one of the reasons we get along so well is that we’re both extremely direct with what we say and mean.

I just told her alright. I hope everything is okay. I’m not sure how to take that, but I can do that. Let me know if you want to talk.

It does make sense that she’s going through a lot. She had a seizure at work last week, and has been feeling off ever since. The doctors could pinpoint a cause but recommended she stop her anti-depressants because seizures is a (uncommon) side effect.

Anyway, I’m just a bit confused. I hope everything is alright because I was kind of looking forward to where this could be headed.

What do you think?


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  1. Maybe confusion/brain fog/memory issues are a side effect of her stopping her meds suddenly. Hopefully her doctor can help. In the meantime I would be understanding and cut her some slack, keeping that in mind.

  2. Give it a couple days and then send her a picture of something on your vacay and say “made me think of (an inside joke or something related to her)”

    Cool off, talk to her when you get back. Anything more and you’ll ruin it.

  3. Honestly man, this girl already has a lot of baggage on her. There’s millions of other girls out there who are mentally stable and a much better fit you. Keep dating other women and don’t get oneitis. Good luck out there .

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