Dating : Thinking about going on my first speed dating experience. Any advice?

Dating : Thinking about going on my first speed dating experience. Any advice?

[31,M] I mean besides have fun, be yourself, clean up, wear something nice,…

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  1. They’re really fun but you have to know your market. If it’s anything like the one i went through most of the girls were high level professionals. This was easy for me as my job is impressive and i am talkative. But be prepared to get asked over and over what you do for a living by girls who are doctors and lawyers. I prepared a bunch of random interesting questions as suggested by online videos but never used any because the time flies and normal conversation topics do the trick well enough. Stay cool and calm and try to enjoy yourself.

    I got a match with a girl I didn’t find attractive and we went out a few times then I blew it off.

    Nicest thing is everyone is pretty polite. If you were to cold approach a dozen girls in a bar you might get 10 rude answers and 1-2 conversations if you’re lucky. Here you get a dozen actual interactions.

  2. It’s a tinder with far more time & money investment and even more self esteem wrecking. The attractive guys get all the girls just like in online dating.

  3. Don’t ask a single serious question. What’s your favourite dinosaur, what’s your plan for the zombie apocalypse etc, you won’t be seeing these people again unless you choose to. Have fun with that, relax, and it’s a fun way to pass an evening.

    On the flip side of the experience on the one time I tried it apparently a few of them were speed dating « regulars » so *shrug*.

  4. Just don’t. Methamphetamine is one of the most terrible poisons there are, right up there with fluorine. Stay clean and dry.

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