Dating : Too clingy vs disinterested

Dating : Too clingy vs disinterested

In the past I’ve been told I’m too clingy and I try too hard

So with a recent girl from a dating app i decided to dial it down a notch

She said she felt I wasn’t interested. She said she felt like an option not a priority

How do you balance the two extremes ? What are your guidelines?

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What do you think?

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  1. Everyone is different and prefers a different balance of clingy/disinterest. Just be yourself- if someone thinks you’re too clingy then that person is not your person. I love to basically be smothered by love, life is too short to not show how much you love your SO, or to tell them a funny joke you just heard, or send them a funny meme you just came across. Some people are exactly the opposite, those people are not my people.

  2. People are picky and different. You have to figure out how she is and what she likes. I was talking to this girl who replies to me every few hours… So I don’t text much. Then she thought I’m not interested. I told her check when u reply to me. So some people are just exhausting. Be yourself and u will find someone who will like the amount of attention u give. But generally u have to check when they get bored so u slow down a bit

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