Dating : Truly: WTF

Dating : Truly: WTF

The time has come again for me to go into hiding. My ex is in town. This isn’t just some rant about not wanting to see my ex ever again, he does this thing where he’ll go out of his way to show up UNANNOUNCED to where I’m working. Despite a dumpster fire breakup we’re now on friendly terms but don’t even talk frequently. He was the one who broke up with me for his ex, so why are you going out of your way to see me out of the blue again? Sometimes he brings his girlfriend along too, and she fucking HATES me which makes it even more uncomfortable for the both of us.

I don’t know what the fuck he’s trying to do??? Is he “checking up” on me?? Is he trying to send a message when he comes by with his ex?? It’s borderline emotionally manipulative.

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  1. Why do you even know he’s in town and why are you so afraid of him that you must « go into hiding »? Why do you need to have any contact with him or awareness of his life and what he is doing at all? Why can’t you just ignore him? It sounds like you are choosing to be a part of this dynamic.

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