Dating : Trying my best to keep my head straight

Dating : Trying my best to keep my head straight

I’ve kinda began this self journey of really getting rid of my negative thoughts over this summer and so far I’m working on it. One thought that keeps getting to me is feeling bad about other people’s relationships/dating lives/crushes etc. I do verbally express that I’m happy for people who find an SO or on here, when I see people who confess to their crush and it works out. However, internally, I feel bad that isn’t me. I only seem to encounter guys who want sex or they build me up SO the time I warm up to them.. they don’t like me anymore (side note: I don’t mean I don’t reciprocate or anything but I mean they seem very into me and so I take a chance and invest myself) which I understand I can’t do anything about but I keep pushing this self fulfilling prophecy in my mind.

In the end, life in general is difficult but I can’t seem to accept that dating is one of those difficult aspects as well.

If you read all this thanks, just needed a place to vent lol

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  1. Man do i feel you!! Word for word. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time haha.. I think it’s nice that you’re able to recognize it though because only then can you really improve on it.
    Have you gone to therapy? I know it’s a common question and it can get annoying but I’m asking because I’m in the process of finding a therapist right now.
    I wish you the best!

  2. Did you find therapy to be helpful?

    & I feel you, I really do. I recently met a guy on hinge and we talked for about a month. Things were going well at first but he slowly faded out. Therefore I did a LOT of overthinking and worrying while he was getting distant… It was the first time in a while that I felt like I found someone suitable, so it stings. It’s made me pretty frustrated with dating and even more frustrated when I see other’s relationships…
    Personally, it’s a weird feeling. It feels like I’m so used to getting disappointed in the whole world of dating haha
    But what I’ve found that helps is to just focus on something that brings you joy/makes you feel productive, even if a little!
    For example, I normally don’t cook but I found a recipe for this balsamic chicken. It was pretty easy to make but once I did it, I felt pretty badass. It was nice to focus on something that brought me warmth (especially to my belly haha)

    I’m not sure if I explained myself well

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