Dating : What are your thoughts on girls who just had been unlucky in love?

Dating : What are your thoughts on girls who just had been unlucky in love?

I am heartbroken. I think it takes some toads on the road to find love.

I have slept with 6 men, and 5 of them were my boyfriends. I was together with my first boyfriend for one year before we broke up. We were really not ever a match. One year passed, and I met my second boyfriend while travelling. He was from a foreign country, and I spended two lovely summers with him, and he also visited me once in my country. But long-distance didn’t work out in the end, and I wouldn’t do a long-distance never again. One year passed, and I met a guy I dearly felt in love with. My friend’s brother. I slept with him, but he was only looking for sex. I decided that I would never again have sex with a man without an relationship. But one year after that, my friend became my third boyfriend. He could live with that I had been together with his brother one year before. We were together for two lovely years. Sadly we wanted different things in life, and broke up. A half year passed when I met a new guy. We dated for a month, and he became my fourth boyfriend. Shortly after I figured out that he already had a girlfriend of two years. I told her everything, and the girlfriend of two years broke up with him, and then he just disappeared. I promised that I would never again sleep with a guy after a month of dating, even if we agreed on a relationship. I feel stupid now, because yet another year has passed, when I met a guy I felt in love with. We dated for one month and a half and then he became my fifth boyfriend. I met his family, and we had mutual friends and were kissing in front of them. He did talk about his feelings towards me, and we had a really lovely time. I had totally forgot last year promise to myself about not sleeping with a man that quickly. I just wanted to believe this was really true and he was not like the other guy. But then he became shady, just after I decided to sleep with him. And then I saw him with another girl, while being to a party. He had got a new girlfriend. Yes. And they are together for real. With lots of happy pictures. Yes I am happy for them.

One thing, its hard to forgive myself for not keeping my promise to myself, and make the same mistake twice, to believe too quickly in a man words 🙁 I will just learn to wait more. No matter what next time. But maybe there is not gonna be a next time. I can’t get over him. I don’t have any desire to talk with guys. It only makes me sick and nauseous.

And do men think I had slept with too many now?. I only wanted to find love and saved it for someone special.

So last question; How can I overcome all this. I was thinking;

These past lovers in your life, loved you in that time while being with them. It was Love Stories. These past lovers don’t love you anymore….and you don’t love them anymore. But you have loved them!. And its not wrong to have loved, right. They did mean a lot in that time. Today they are someone you would care about, but not anymore than that.

And life is long, so love stories is good for the heart, right. And 6 men is not that many, right or?.

Thank you for reading my worries.

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  1. I mean, it’s less about the sex at that point but based on your story it seems like you have trouble seeing what you really want, or at least don’t have the best judgement in guys from an early impression. Either that, or you’re doing something to attract the wrong crowd, in which case you need to determine the source of that. Although your story definitely conveys the unlucky part, it doesn’t touch on the details you’re actually looking for, which led to me thinking about that first point I made. What *qualifiable* traits do you want your mate to have? You need to answer this for yourself, then take steps from there.

  2. I don’t believe you have had sex with to many people, in the end its not so much about number but intention. You didn’t sleep around to have sex, you wanted a relationship and sex was a part of that. That makes all the difference in my eyes at least.

    I don’t know what kind of guy you find attractive or what you look for but it really seems like at least two where conning you into sex. All I can recommend is patience and reflection

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