Dating : What do women drool for?

Dating : What do women drool for?

I was thinking that most or all men drool for sexy women.

So my question is, what do women drool for the most? How wealthy the man is or how good looking he is?

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What do you think?

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  1. I think its a balance that has to equal out to whatever their standard is.

    So good looking, so financially stable, so socially equitable. One has to make up where another is lagging.

  2. Making good money is such a relative term. I don’t care if your a doctor, but I want you to be able to support yourself, maybe at least have a savings account because I do. I don’t expect a man to have anything that I don’t expect from myself (well besides ya know, a penis).

  3. It’s different for every woman.

    There was an episode of vice that looked at tinder statistics and there was a clear trend in the profiles that men « liked » but no clear trend in what women « liked ». Another way of saying it is that it was very easy to predict which profiles men would like but not easy to predict which profiles women would like.

  4. its what they choose to look for, not who they « drool » for.


    A healthy relationship requires two things: the necessary « evils » (e.g. the « droolers », or things tied to what insinctual attracts us – looks, certain personality indicators like feminity/masculinity/confidence), and the « partnership indicators » (common interests, trust, honesty, aligned values on raising children/religion, etc).


    the thing is, the second part (the partnership indicators) are easy. you are what you are. you have your interests/values.


    the first part is hard. its the limiting factor usually. these things indicate whether someone gives you a CHANCE to even break through to the « partnership » traits. this is why I call them the necessary evils. they have little to do with long term compatiblity, but are REQUIRED for a bond to form.


    its incredibly frustrating, because this is where you can have a ton in common with someone you like, yet they can reject you because you aren’t tall enough or aren’t attractive enough, and then go date someone who has LESS in common with them, but they are attracted too.


    back on topic, I did create a thread a while ago asking women what made them instinctually attracted to a guy (I guess this could be called a « drooler »).



  5. Intelligence is sexy as hell.

    Outspokeness (I can be a bit of a bulldozer, so it’s nice when I’m with someone who also isn’t afraid to speak up).


    Passion for the arts (musicians, artists, etc are also incredibly sexy to me).

    And on a physical level, height, freckles, glasses, fit bodies, dimples, curly hair, and facial hair are all my weaknesses.

    Not all women value the same traits, however.

  6. Just one of the following is enough to get a woman intrigued idk about drool:

    1) Good job (money ex: doctor, lawyer, ceo)

    2) Good looking (tall good genetics)

    3) Funny Hilarious Confident (like can light up a room)

    If you EXCEL at one of these just one, you will have women wanting to reaaaally be with you

    Like not all women, but generally speaking

  7. food – us ladies love going out for girls’ night dinners.


    yes i’m well aware of that scandal about ladies only going on dates for the free food thing ie fancy restaurants.


    what i mean is you can easily impress a lady with something you have cooked yourself.

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